Virkein Dhar

Creative Producer, Systemic Designer, Architect

My creative practice lies at the intersection of systemic design, creativity and strategic action, with an interest in facilitating performative encounters in urban spaces; immersive storytelling and futures thinking.

I lead Poppy Seed Lab, a genre-agnostic creative studio that cross-pollinates experiments across storytelling, innovative research and strategic action, to seed humane and resilient futures in Asia. The lab crafts narratives that bring together unlikely agents and stories, facilitate cultural encounters in urban spaces, and explore creative futures in India. 

In the past decade, I have engaged with various inter-disciplinary projects and initiatives as a curator, spatial designer, manager, facilitator, researcher and performer. Notably, I led IGNITE! Dance Festival, an international biennial with a focus on contemporary dance practices from India and South Asia; was part of the founding team at OddBird Theatre, a first of its kind, curated performance venue designed as a black box theatre in Delhi; led programme development at UnBox, a platform that instigates cross-disciplinary action towards the goal of re-imagining India's plural futures; and worked with SPACE10, a design and research lab based in Copenhagen, to curate and establish the programme for their first learning outpost in Delhi.

An alumna of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, I've presented my work and have been part of multiple international fellowships and forums in the performing arts and design.

I am currently a fellow at the School of International Futures as a special awardee of the (Next Generation Foresight Practitioners) NGFP Award 2020.

I also volunteer my time with the Aman Movement, a research facility to develop solutions for improved management of social sector programmes of the Government of India.